We are proud to announce the partnership between the Australian Football College (AFC) and KoraStats.

AFC Performance Analysis Services and Educational Program

Performance analysis in elite sport is growing and therefore it is important to understand the importance of the performance analyst role. Australian Football College has partnered with KoraStats, a well-established data service company in the Middle East, that offers detailed performance analysis for football players during matches and competitions.

Our target clients are:
• Clubs
• Coaches
• National teams
• Media agents
• Scouts

We offer our clients the data analysis behind every football performance they see on the pitch, backed up by numerical data and through video investigation. We enable our clients to achieve successful outcomes within the shortest timeframes. Our services include match video analysis, scouting reports, football player competency interviews and education programs.

Our partner KoraStats is a data service company with extensive knowledge in football performance analysis. KoraStats is expanding its business in the Oceania region.

At AFC, we are keen to promote the role of performance analysts within the coaching process.

Our program will:
• Identify the roles analysts play in the feedback process within professional clubs
• Explore the relationship between analysts and coaches within professional clubs
• Observe how the role differs amongst analysts working within the academy and professional levels