Stadium Security Workshop

What is this workshop?

This workshop is part of the League and Club Management Workshops program designed to ensure the implementation of the AFC Cup Club Licensing Regulations and implementation of the leagues and clubs licensing regulations.

Security officers from clubs, leagues and from the football governing bodies together with stakeholders such as stadium managers and police officers will be invited to learn about best practices in a stadium and security.

The Asian Football Confederation club licensing regulations were introduced in 2015 under the Asian Football Confederation League Development Program. The regulations require clubs and leagues to assign dedicated security officers to work in stadiums. This workshop offers security officers the opportunity to learn about their role and tasks in their club and league competitions.

The workshop will inform the participants about stadium and safety requirements under Asian Football Confederation Club Licensing and their role in ensuring safety at football matches.

The workshop will highlight issues related to decision-making in security matters and the relevant AFC and FIFA regulations, specific security situations in clubs, league and national team matches, different categories of risk situations, the role of the security officers in these situations and the impact of other related match operations areas, such as ticketing and access control, communication and coordination and contingency plans.