Media Management & Marketing Workshop

What is this workshop?

The Media Management and Marketing Workshop is part of the League and Club Management Workshops program to enhance revenue generation, media and communications capabilities of administrators in leagues and clubs, in order to grow and improve the level of soccer leagues and soccer club managements.

With revenue generation and media engagement being identified as one of the primary pillars of focus in the soccer industry, participants will be pleased with the opportunity to widen their understanding of the evolving sponsorship and media coverage methods.

During the workshop, the marketing and club sponsorship sessions will examine case studies to demonstrate the commercial principles applied by leagues and clubs of similar scales throughout different parts of the world. It will emphasise the importance of developing a communication strategy and providing insights into managing media operations during soccer tournaments.

Participants will actively participate in discussions on best practices in marketing, promotion and sponsorship activations.

The outcome of the workshop will be to improve income generation and sponsorships, to ultimately introduce a higher level of professionalism to leagues and clubs.